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Home Exercise Equipment

Children may exercise at recess and in physical education courses, but in order for your kids to be their healthiest, and to have the best chances of avoiding obesity, diabetes and other ailments, they need to also use home exercise equipment. Fortunately, exercise doesn’t have to be a chore for kids. In fact, if you can make it fun for them, then workouts will be something your children will look forward to, and they’ll be much likelier to continue exercising on their own when they get older.

First, make sure you keep varying exercise activities you do with your kids so that the routines don’t get stale or repetitive. Balls and Frisbees make for fun pieces of home exercise equipment: go outside and play Frisbee tag, basketball, football or kickball. Indeed, many kids find extra enjoyment in home workouts if competition is involved. If you do choose the competitive route, there are all kinds of races you can create: simple running races, three-legged races, hopping on one foot races, wheelbarrow races, and many more.

If you’re especially creative, you can set up a backyard obstacle course. Let your kids try to get by, through, over or under as many obstacles as possible: they might climb up and down a jungle gym, run around a series of baseball bats that you’ve laid on the ground, hop over a series of rakes, and so on. When it comes to obstacle courses, anything in your garage could become home exercise equipment.

Indoor home exercise can be every bit as fun and challenging as outdoor fitness. Again, the key is to employ plenty of different exercises, and keep the atmosphere light and fun. A great piece of home exercise equipment is a jump rope. You and your kids can jump rope together – they’ll especially get a kick out of the experience if they’re able to jump rope more consecutive times than you – or run in place, or do a series of sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks. You could even run in place or do jumping jacks while cleaning up a room – and thus complete two important tasks at the same time!

One way to make workouts especially fun for kids is to play music while they’re using home exercise equipment. If their favorite songs are playing, your children may be more enthusiastic. In addition, dancing can be a great aerobic and fat-burning activity.