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Internet Safety Tips For Teens

Today's teens are living in a generation where computers are commonplace, and have been for the majority, if not all, of their lives. The Internet is something nearly every teen is familiar with, and many teens spend time chatting with friends and meeting new people through community based websites like MySpace, Facebook, livejournal, and chat rooms. Teens are comfortable in the virtual environment of the Internet, and will only grow more comfortable as the years pass and more and more options become available online. Despite the ease that teens use to navigate the information super highway, there are still some important Internet safety tips for teens.

The first of the Internet safety tips for teens is to never give out any personal, identifying information. This includes your home address, your home or cell phone number, your social security number, and the like. This is an important safety tip for teens because not only might they be susceptible to sexual predators, they could also be targeted by thieves and people who are interested in stealing identities.

The second Internet safety tip for teens is to remember that everybody on the Internet could be lying. Not everybody on your favorite web page or chat room is who they claim to be. Proceed with caution.

The third Internet safety tip for teens is to remember that nothing is ever forgotten or deleted from the Internet. Teenagers have been suspended from school, expelled from school, fired from jobs, and threatened with arrest over the things they have posted online. Don't post anything you wouldn't want the school principal, the police chief, and your mother to know about.

The fourth Internet safety tip for teens is to keep the line of communication open with your parents or a trusted adult. If anybody ever does or says anything online that makes you uncomfortable, confused, or afraid, confide in an adult you can trust. Predators of all stripes rely on their victim's silence. Don't provide the shield for them to hide behind.

The fifth Internet safety tip for teens is to never agree to meet anybody face to face without your parents, or another trusted adult, present. Always meet online friends in public venues. Never fly anywhere to meet an online friend.

These are very basic Internet safety tips for teens. Ultimately, the best Internet safety tip for teens we can offer is to use your common sense, and don't put yourself in a bad situation.