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Running Shoes

Running shoes differ in design. Depending on whether you are looking for women’s running shoes, men’s running shoes for long distance or sprinting, research will pay off. And perhaps the most important rule to follow when purchasing running shoes is to try before you buy.

The best running shoes are the ones that best fit your feet and your goals. Finding the perfect pair could be a process, but if you’re a regular runner, it is worth the time to get the absolute best footwear you can find for your feet.

To help you find the best shoe, here are some suggestions:

· Shop for running shoes in the late afternoon – feet expand throughout the day and they will be bigger when running.
· Wear the socks you would normally wear whilst running.
· How much you run; how much you weigh; and any specific foot problems all affect how a shoe works for you.
· Bring an old pair of shoes with you – this is the best way to show a sales person what the normal wear patterns are for your feet and a good sale person can often recommend the perfect shoe just from this.