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Safety Pool Supplies

Pool supplies encompass a wide range of both necessary and luxury items used to maintain and entertain in your pool as well as keeping swimmers safe. Pool heaters, solar pool covers, pool chemicals, and pool pump are just a few of the pool supply necessities out there.

Pool heaters regulate pool water temperature even when it’s cold outside. There are three basic ways to fuel a pool heater: electric, gas (propane, natural, etc.), and solar. A solar blanket goes one step further to keeping the heat in your pool, while also generating even more heat.

Solar pool covers are designed to keep heat in the pool when it’s not in use, but also to generate a little of its own. Solar pool covers looks kind of like bubble wrap and when in use, acts as a regular pool cover while collecting and trapping the sun’s rays to generate even more heat (as much as 15 degrees F).

Pool alarms are a less common item, but necessary to ensure children and animals don’t stray into the pool when no one is looking. These alarms alert the pool owner to any motion in the pool area afterhours and can prevent a lot of accidents and tragedies.