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Ways To Stop Sexual Abuse

There are ways to stop sexual abuse, as well as ways to prevent sexual abuse. If you watch certain news magazine shows (like Dateline's To Catch a Predator), and certain day-time talk shows, you will have a warped view of the current picture of sexual abuse in this nation. Most children who are sexually abused are not attacked by strangers, or by strange men on the Internet, or the creepy guy at the park. Fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, community leaders, cousins, siblings, stepsiblings, and church officials are more likely to be the culprits when it comes to sexual abuse. But you are not helpless to stop them.

The first way to stop sexual abuse is to be vigilant. If your child began exhibiting classic signs of sexual abuse-odd or unaccounted for injuries, ripped clothing or underwear, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, hyper-sexuality, withdrawal-then you should investigate immediately. The second way to stop sexual abuse is to listen to your children and remove them from a dangerous situation. The third way to stop sexual abuse is to provide a safe environment for children who are in danger can go to. Children will not tell anybody what is happening to them unless they can find an adult they can trust completely. One who will believe them. One who will not blame the child for the situation.

Another way to stop sexual abuse is through education. This article is a good start, but it simply cannot give you all the information you need about signs and symptoms of sexual abuse. It also cannot provide an in depth look at the people who are typically predators. For example, most cases of sexual abuse or perpetuated by men, and most of those are men the child knows. However, men are not the only people who are capable of sexual abuse, or who are found guilty of sexual abuse. Women can sexually abuse boys and girls, and that is often a crime that is overlooked or ignored.

Another way to stop sexual abuse isn't just to educate yourself, but to educate your children as well. Teach your children what are appropriate and inappropriate ways of touching. Also, educate your children about trusted adults in the community who they can seek out for help, if their parents are not available.

The biggest and best way to stop sexual abuse is to talk about it. Predators thrive on silence. Predators will not survive without silence. Do not let the predators have the silence they need to manipulate, groom, and rape children.